At The Creative Influence, budding artists can make them dreams come true. With us, you get the exposure you have always wanted and a lot more. What are the advantages in advertising with us?

Here are our advertising packages. You can choose any or a combination of these advertising packages.

Email Campaign Package

We have thousands of subscribers who regularly visit our site. Aside from this vast email list, we also have other regular visitors who are not our subscribers but are regularly dropping by our site. Therefore, we create thousands of unique visitors who trust us with the information we provide them.

Advertising with us means you get the chance to reach these thousands of people and promote your product. Provide us with your desired email campaign then we will send this to our email subscribers.

Display Banners Package

In this package, we display your adverts on our site. You provide us the images with your logos or text campaign on it. Alternatively, we may create the campaign for you with a few extra charges. You may choose any of our display banners in accordance with your budget.

The display banners have a greater chance for our readers to notice your adverts, especially if they have a catchy line and awesome content coordination. Choose from a variety of banner display ads sizes. We will display them on our sidebar, in the header or footer of our site. Different sizes and locations mean different prices.

Text Ads Package

This package requires only a few catchy lines in the ad campaign. This is our cheapest package. The location of this ad campaign is right after our posts.

Review with Advertising Content Package

We feature your business, your site, your products or your services in one of our articles. To maximize the exposure of this review article, we include the article in our top posts. In addition to that, we share the article in our different social media accounts. However, we require that your business, site, products or services be related to DIY creative ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions on our Advertising Packages and Terms

How do you know what package fits for your site, business, products or services?

First, consider how much you can pay for advertising fees. If you are low in budget, the text ads will do but do not expect too much. Second, know what kind of exposure you want. If your site is new and you have the money, we suggest the display banner package. If you have been online for years and want to drive more traffic, we recommend the review with advertising package.

Can we provide the email listing, instead, for the email ad package?

We are sorry but we cannot do that. We adhere to our privacy policy. One of our legal terms indicated in our privacy policy section states that we do not share or sell personal information. Please read our legal terms for more details.

How do you become our advertising partner?

Simply fill out our advertising application form. After applying, we will send you a quotation based on the information you give us. When you agree to the quotation and terms indicated, we will give you an advertising partnership contract.

Do you need to pay immediately after signing an advertising application form?

No. Signing the application form does not automatically require you to pay the fees. The form is for purposes of pooling information. In case, you change your mind after receiving the quotation, you are not bound to become our partner if you do not want to continue the application.

However, please remember that we are collecting information from any forms you use on our site. Read our legal terms page regarding our privacy policy that discusses the use of personal information

How much do our packages cost?

Our packages have different costs. For a free quotation, contact our customer service representative. Fill out a simple form and our staffs will resend the quotation within 24 hours on working days. If you happen to send a form on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, expect to receive the free quotation on the next business days.

How long does the advert last?

The minimum term of displaying your adverts is three months. After that, you may or may not renew. During the contract’s validity, we require our partners to provide us updates regarding the information displayed if there is any.

Do we perform SEO services?

No, we are not an SEO company and do not perform SEO services. However, we adopt optimization techniques that are essential in making our site visible to search engines. We are doing our best to remain on the top so that we can deliver our advertising services with excellent quality to our clients.

What payment methods do we use?

We use secure payment methods in all of our transactions such as PayPal. As of the moment, we are in the process of making other payment avenuesavailable for our growing number of partners.

Send us an email or chat with our customer service representative to know more about our advertising. Alternatively, send an application form so we can give you a free quotation.