Legal Terms

The Creative Influence is a blog for DIY creative ideas. This page contains our statements on the following: Privacy, advertising, terms of use, content and disclaimer. Please read these legal terms carefully.

Privacy policy

We collect personal information from our readers and partners through our registration forms. We use the information for various purposes, which may include the following:

To communicate with our readers and partners;

To address complaints filed through our customer chat service; and

To improve our services.

The information we collect may include name, address, and age, email address, location and, in some cases, account name in an online payment facility such as PayPal. This information is kept confidential and access to it is limited.

We recognize that your privacy is important. Thus, we make sure to protect your personal information. We do not intend to sell, share, rent or divulge our reader’s personal information. However, in the event of issues that threaten our legal rights, we may furnish a summarized copy to the government agencies that requires us to do so.

We use cookies on our site. These cookies leave traces on your computer, once you decide to activate them. Cookies are text files that the computer system creates in your hardware. These are not harmful. They make your browsing easier, faster and convenient. They remember your passwords, keywords used, and browsing activities within our site. Cookies remember non-personal information such as IP address and ISP. If you do not wish to have cookies on your browsing activities on our site, please disable these cookies in your browser setting. Follow your browser’s instructions.

Account Policy

Our readers and partners have to create an account in order to enjoy the full benefits of browsing our site. We disable some features for non-subscribers. Protecting your account is your sole responsibility. We do not claim any responsibilities nor pay damages when you fail to protect an access to your account.

Telling someone your username and password with our site is your sole discretion, not ours. In case you think someone is using your account without your permission, send us an email to address such issue. Alternatively, we suggest that you change your password from the time you knew someone is using it.

You may delete or remove your account with us anytime. Once you apply for termination, the application takes effect upon the time you click delete account in your account settings. Your account is removed from the database of our active readers. You may create another account if you think you made the wrong decision of deleting your account.

You cannot maintain two accounts with our site. We regularly audit our database to check double accounts. Before we delete any duplicate account, we send warnings to the person violating our one-person-one-account policy. You can either delete the duplicate account or we delete it for you.

However, the changing and updating your account with is your responsibility. We reserve the right to terminate, delete or suspend an account after due process or due to dormancy issues.

Content Policy

Our site contains two kinds of contents. One, those originate from our staff, resident authors, and management. Second, those originate from our readers and partners.

In order to republish, redistribute or reuse for the content that originates from us, you must file a written permission of your intention to do so. Otherwise, you do not have any right with the content that we publish to the public.

For contents originating from our readers, we require that you obtain the proper rights to republish, redistribute or use such content. In the event that disputes happen in connection to the content you posted, we suggest that you remove such content on our site until such disputes are settled.

Advertising policy

We reserve the right to change the text campaign or display ads our partners provide us. We exercise this right only if we see that the campaign does not jive with the overall aesthetic value of our site or if the images and colors used in the campaign contradict our site’s theme and color coordination. To provide an easy navigation to our readers, we may change some or all of the aspects of the campaign to adhere to the site’s overall theme. However, before we perform such action, we contact our advertising partners first to gain their approval. In cases that disagreement happens, we will do our best to strike a compromise and balance.

Disclaimer Statement

This is a blog. Therefore, any opinions you read on our site is our own opinion. These opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of our partners or any other sites affiliated with us. If you have violent reactions and comments regarding, send us an email or file a ticket on our customer service representative.

Limited Liability Statement

We, at the Creative Influence, do not claim any damages or liabilities arising from your use of our site.

For any complaints, call or send us an email indicating your concern.