Eight essential golf accessories for serious golfers

golf AccessoriesPlaying golf is a rewarding experience, but it is an expensive hobby. By the time a golfer acquired his golf bag, clubs, and clubs fees, the total cost for everything can be pretty stressful. A golfer doesn’t need to hurt his budget if he knows what golf accessories he should invest in. Here are seven golf accessories you will ever need to enjoy playing golf.

Golf Tees

Golf tees are made of either plastic or wood. These are used to hold the ball up when a tee shot is hit. Invest in a number of golf tees, but only buy those compatible with the best golf clubs you are using. Buy shorter tees for fairway woods. Tees are designed for specific performance. If you are very passionate about playing golf, acquire only tees that improve performance.

Golf Gloves

golf-glovesIf you want to gain greater control of the ball, invest in golf gloves. The gloves should fit a serious golfer comfortably to avoid slipping. It is also best to wear gloves on both hands to prevent blisters. Under all weather conditions, golf gloves give you a solid grip on your driver or fairway wood.

Head covers

Acquiring the best golf clubs is expensive, so you need to protect it at all cost. Club head covers, which prevent damage to your golf clubs is an essential. Buy head covers for all your clubs as damaged clubs affect its performance. If you’re serious about playing, consider this in your list of golf accessories to buy.

Club Cleaning

Whatever golf clubs you are using, it needs to be clean. You cannot strike a ball effectively if your golf clubs are dirty. Want to win that game? Make sure your clubs are deep clean and spotless.

Golf shoes

Getting a solid grip on the golf club is important if you want to make that perfect swing. Apart from using the right golf club, have the right golf shoes to go with it. Some shoes are designed to help a golfer keep his footing. These are golf shoes that have plastic spikes on it. Don’t worry as they are replaceable. What’s important is a golfer’s balance.


If you want to protect your investment, get an umbrella in case your golf equipment and accessories get soaked in the rain. Protecting yourself from the sun is also a top priority. Playing golf with your sunburn can be very inconvenient. Choose a golf bag that has pockets specifically for this accessory. Also, the clubhouse can be far. At least you are protected when it does rain.

Microfiber towels

This accessory is not only used for wiping sweat on your face, they can be used for cleaning your equipment and accessories too. Choose microfiber as they absorb moisture. If possible, place them in Ziploc bags. Towels can also be used for wiping golf balls. Swinging a dirty golf ball might not let you achieve the correct distance you’ve visualized.

Range Finders

Playing golf involves measuring distances. Range Finders are accessories used to measure the distance a golf ball travels or distance to the green. Knowing the distance would let you determine which golf club to use. Getting this accessory would surely make you play golf better. For serious golfers, this is a must. Get this right away.


These golf accessories are essentials for every golf player. Once you’ve acquired the equipment needed, scour stores for affordable accessories to go with your game. Although there are other accessories you might need, you can always buy them at a later time. For the meantime, settle with these essentials and enjoy your game all the same.