DIY living room decorations your house more unique

Do-it-yourself living room decorations make your house more unique and more you. DIY crafts are becoming a trend nowadays as people in this generation are becoming more and more creative. They are coming up with the brightest yet the simplest ideas that turn into the most useful and most wonderful things. As a matter of fact, you can too! If you only use your imagination, you can transform the basic things that you see in your surroundings every day into lovely living room decors that would wow your guests.

wall-decor-ideas-for-living-roomYou can make a decoration that would accentuate your modern furniture and fixtures. You can also spice up your vintage living room by using items that you see in your backyard. Even if you are into minimalist designs, DIY decorations can blend in. You just have to use the right materials, the right colors, the right patterns, designs, and details and you will be able to create a piece that would make you proud.

To help you start building your dream living room, here are some DIY ideas that are easy as pie. You can start with these decorations and then see what you can do to enhance them further.

  1. DIY Vase or Candle Holder

Porcelain vases are common in living rooms. There are a lot of available designs from flowers to animals to patterns. They are actually too common that they can no longer portray the owner’s personality. Get away from these vases and make your own unique one.

You just need two items to make these DIY holders—a tin can and wooden clothespins. First, you have to fully remove the lid of the can. You don’t have to remove its packaging since the outer side will also be covered with the clothespins. Simply attach each clothespin around the can until it is fully covered. That’s it! You already have your very own vase or candle holder.

If you want it to be more personalized, you can also paint the clothespins. You can design it as you want.

  1. Flower Art Using Soft Drinks Bottle

A lot of living rooms feature paintings made by amazing artists. Some are abstract, most are landscapes, and others are self portraits. They are really nice but won’t it be nicer if the painting displayed in your living room is made by you? That piece would be a great conversation starter, don’t you think? Do not fret if you have no painting skills. Your problem is solved by soft drinks bottles.

You will need a canvas, paints, and soft drink bottles for this DIY. If you cannot find a canvas, a white cloth is okay. Pour your paint into a wide container. Dip the bottom of the soft drink bottle into the paint. Then just go ahead and lightly press the bottle on the canvas. The bottom of the bottles will create a simple flower design. Do it again and again until you are satisfied with your painting. You can use a single paint color or different colors. You can replicate the colors of the rainbow by filling the bottom of your canvas with red flowers. Top the red with orange, followed by yellow, green, blue, indigo, and lastly, violet.

Another design idea includes stem. You need a black or a brown paint to draw stems. Fill these stems with flowers of one or of different colors.

  1. Decorative Chrysanthemum Frame

If you hosted a part and there are lots of disposable plastic spoons left, you can use them to turn an ordinary picture frame into an extra-ordinary one. Used spoons are also fine but make sure to clean them first. You will also need paints, easy-dry spray paints are recommended. Cut the stems of the spoons. Paint each of them afterwards. To achieve a nice ombré effect, choose three shades of one hue; example, light blue, blue, and dark blue.

Then, with the use of hot glue, stick the spoons on the edges of your picture frame. Start from the darkest shade. Layer the spoons with each other until you finish your chrysanthemum frame.

If you are not that fan of chrysanthemum, you may also do other figures. Use your imagination. Will fish tails be great? Plastic spoons replicate scales so it might be, right?

  1. DIY Spoon Lamp

Lamps, nowadays, cost a lot. Even the simplest one shouts “I am expensive!” But of course, you need one to light up your beautiful living room. Fortunately, you now have a choice to do it yourself. Yes, you can make a lamp, yourself.

You will need plastic disposable spoon and large water bottle (1 galloon). You will also need a light bulb complete with its wirings, a screw, a cutter, pliers and hot glue. With the use of hot glue, layer the spoons on the bottle from bottom to top. By the way, you also need to remove the stems of the spoons first. When the bottle is fully covered with the spoons, install the light bulb inside. Who needs a chandelier when you can make a spoon lamp?

It is amazing how simple items at home and outside can create the most awesome and unique decorative pieces. Why don’t you try to look around you right now? See if there is one thing that you can use to create your masterpiece DIY creation.

Always remember that it does not have to be perfect the first time you do it. What really matters most is you enjoy doing it and you make yourself proud by having created your very own DIY decoration. For more creative ideas, simply explore our blog. Hope you enjoy your visit.