The Creative Influence – DIY Creative Ideas

For years people have been trying to find out new and creative ways to make things. May it be clothes, decor, or accessories, creative people find new ways of making things look better or sever their purpose better. In a lot of cases, people follow creative trends. With the age of the internet, more and more creative ideas are being shared by people of all ages across the world.

The growing trend nowadays is to repurpose another object into something else. For instance, a plastic bottle could be made into a fancy lamp or a few sticks and some paint could turn a blank wall into an abstract work of art. Many creative ideas can be found in many different websites, sometimes even an SEO agency like SEOExplode will give visitors to their site advice on how to create something.

Below are a few creative ideas that anyone could try their hand in doing:


Doily Lamp


Materials needed:

•Balloons – the number of balloons depend on the number of lamps that you want to make.
•Doilies – it is advised that a person have more doilies than he thinks he needs. Doilies could be made by the one crafting the lamp or could also be bought for cheap in various online and thrift stores.
•Wallpaper glue – this type of glue will keep the lamp strong and allow it to withstand all kinds of weather. Other types of glue will make the lamp collapse on itself.
•Large paint brush – this will be used for the glue.
•Something to hang the lamp up when it’s done
•Spray starch


1.Make a makeshift hanger and hang the inflated balloon on it. Then, take a doily, lay it on some newspaper, and brush on the wallpaper glue. It’s all right to brush on lots of glue. Stick the doily on to the balloon. Repeat this process with more doilies. The edges of the doilies should overlap and you should also leave space for you to fit the light bulb.

2.Once one-third of the balloon is covered in doilies, let it dry for a day or two. Then, repeat step one with the remaining surface of the balloon. Once the entire balloon is covered with doilies and is dry, brush on another layer of glue and let it dry. Then, spray the entire surface with spray starch. This will make the lamp more stable.

3.Once everything is dry, pop the balloon. Adjust the edges of the doilies, slip the light bulb in, and hang it up. Step back and admire your handiwork.

Musical Notes Nail Art


Materials needed:

•White nail polish or any other color if the crafter wants a different colored background.
•Black striper – this will be used to make the musical notes and the staff. A toothpick could also work or a very narrow brush.
•Black nail polish


1.Paint nails with the white base coat to create the background. She could also opt to use different colors for each nail or use another color other than white for all the nails.

2.With the black striper, start by making three lines across each nail. This will be the staff where the notes will rest. If a person does not have a black striper, then using a toothpick or a very narrow brush and dipping it in black nail polish will work as well. Keep a steady hand while making the lines.

3.With the striper again or a small round object (like a bead) dipped in black nail polish, make circles on the lines. These are the heads of the musical notes. Use the striper or tool dipped in black nail polish again to make lines extending from the note heads upwards. A person can opt to connect these notes with a line across them to make eighth notes.

4.Brush on the topcoat to seal the design on the nail and let it dry.

These are just a couple of DIY creative ideas that a person could try making. There are more to be found in other websites, sometimes compiled by an SEO agency.