Homemade makeup mirror with lights

The thought itself makes many of us excited and thrilled, especially we girls spend lots of time with mirrors. either when we are getting ready, dressing up or as a fun fact many of us regardless of gender practice giving presentations or speeches in front of our mirror.

Involuntarily we start our day by looking ourselves in the mirror and analyzing either be it personal or professional way and by decorating our mirror with lights we can feel more confident and comfortable.

Making mirror with lights will and practicing your presentation in front of it shall boost your confidence sky-high. Thus, it is needless to say that you should make a homemade makeup mirror with lights.

So how about making makeup mirrors with lights

Do it yourself (DIY)

In other words, make a homemade makeup mirror with lights yourself. Making something useful always would make you delighted and happy and let’s do the same by making our or makeup mirrors with lights


Making mirror with lights is one of the easiest DIYs if you have a little guidance and that is why we are here to let you know the DIY makeup mirror with lights process.

DIY makeup mirror with lights

Purchase required material such as mirror, wood, extension cords, scissors, paints, screw, any stickers or decoration piece required and most of these can be purchased easily, most important material required is vanity light bulbs and you have to visit their store to purchase vanity light bulbs and it’s better to select the light bulbs recommended by the manufacturer

  • wood should be according to the size of your mirror, fix mirror and wood with the help of a screw and attach those lights to the wood and attach them with the provided wiring
  • Now you can paint the wood and extension wires of vanity bulbs to make it look more beautiful
  • Now cut electronic cords and attach it to a plug for the passage of the electricity
  • And now check it by switching on the lights and if they are turned on you have succeeded in making your vanity mirror
  • Next decorate it the way you want as in painting any designs, or attaching any stickers, etc. to make it livelier and more beautiful

By doing this way you can make your makeup mirror with lights which are quite affordable compared to those designer vanity mirrors


If making them is a very huge and time-consuming project, you can just buy them from online or offline stores according to your requirements and set them up to use is also quite an easy and quick process.

Though it will not be called a DIY makeup mirror with lights process that will still work to uplift you and help you do the makeup better.


The best thing in making your vanity mirror is that you can make it and decorate the way you want and it would be a unique item that is not available elsewhere.