Method to choose Sunscreen for my oily skin

Many people either rarely or irregularly use sunscreen and most of their answer is that they possess oily skin and applying regularly would make their skin greasy and would result in an outburst of acne.

However, regardless of your skin type, it is highly essential to use sunscreen to protect your skin from UVA rays as they prematurely age your skin resulting in wrinkles and age spots and UVB causing sunburns.

So even if you have oily skin definitely use sunscreen but just select the right one, as there are many sunscreens that fit requirements for your skin.

Choose sunscreen for oily skin so that the skin gets what it requires

Sunscreen for oily skin in summer is also different from the winter in many ways and there are certain ways to choose sunscreen for oily skin.

How do you select a sunscreen for summer?

Since summer has high temperatures, it is better to select a sunscreen with SPF range between 30-70.

Avoid using sunscreens containing Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) and oxybenzone as they can disturb your hormones and also penetrate your skin.

oily skin

Sunscreen labeled “Broad-spectrum “is highly recommended because it can protect your skin from UV rays.

Selecting a Sunscreen which is labeled “Physical” is also quite helpful as it does not react chemically with your skin.

Using Sunscreens with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, your skin does not absorb them and these considered to be good for both oily and sensitive skins.

These are the right choices as sunscreen for oily skin in summer.

Sunscreen for oily skin:

Using sunscreen which is “Noncomedogenic” as they do not cause breakouts or blockages and also helps in making your skin less greasy.

Select Sunscreen which is light.

Selecting sunscreen which is either in the form of gel or sprays are most recommended for oily skin rather than creams and lotion.

If you use makeup regularly, selecting a foundation which has SPF in it is quite recommendable to provide utmost protection to your skin and this is the process of how you choose sunscreen for oily skin.


If your present sunscreen is irritating your skin, select a sunscreen with different ingredients. There are certain ways to choose sunscreen for oily skin as well as for the dry skin.

If you use the spray as your sunscreen don’t spray directly to your face, first spray on your hand and then apply to your face.

“Physical” sunscreen is good for both oily and sensitive skin.

If you have reactions such as burning, itching, etc stop using your sunscreen and select some sunscreen that is suitable for your skin.

If you are using your sunscreen for kids do not use sunscreen which is made for adults, select which are specifically made for kids.


There are no such things as best sunscreen, the one you are using and giving you the best results can be considered as the best sunscreen.

Now you will have a better knowledge of ways to choose sunscreen for oily skin.