Documentary Series

The Creative Influence


Michael Bierut

  • Graphic Designer: Michael Bierut talks about his mentor Massimo Vignelli, how the internet has changed the way we do design work in the 20th century and what make a logo endure.

Timo Weiland

  • Fashion Designer: Timo Weiland talks about his teams inspiration and what its like to start a fashion brand.

Mary Kate McDevitt

  • Hand-lettering: Mary Kate McDevitt hand-lettering illustrator talks about how she bridged the gap between graphic design and illustration.

Serena Guen

  • Entrepreneur, Magazine Editor : As the youngest magazine owner she talks about her inspiration and what it takes to start a magazine based on fashion and travel.

Sagmeister & Walsh

  • Entrepreneurship, Graphic Design: Award winning designers talk about the creative process behind their work.

Danielle Bernstein

  • Fashion blogger : Fashion Week through the eyes of Danielle Bernstein founder & blogger of

Duncan Quinn

  • Bispoke suit designer : What is bispoke and what it inspires his designs.


  • Journalist: A look at the work behind one of the most versatile journalists in the business.

Henry Hargreaves

  • Photographer: talks about his work in fashion and art photography.

Danny Santiago

  • Fashion stylist: Talks about his work for Vogue magazine, Sex and the City, Burn Notice Graceland and how the industry has changed.


  • industrial design: This documentary gives a look into the work process of inovative designers Jonathan Schipper & Amelia Biewald creators of the EXOvault iphone case.


  • Advertising: Frank Tartaglia & Phillip Odom of Totem Creative talk about their creative process and what influences their advertising work for the fashion industry.

Elie Tahari

  • Fashion Designer : 40 years of fashion

About The Creative Influence

The Creative Influence is a documentary series that gives a cinematic look into the lives and work of creative professionals and how they find inspiration from the world they live in.

Mario De Armas is the documentary/commercial filmmaker
behind the series produced by Sandbox Studio North America.


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