Face serum and lotion: Discover the differences

Even though face serum and lotion sound similar and have many similar properties they serve for different purposes. So, what is the difference between face serum and lotion? Face serum vs lotion is discussed below.

Face serum and lotion

Similar properties they have is they help in moisturizing the skin and helps the skin to stay lively and healthy.

Though they have very similar properties still there is some difference between face serum and lotion.  The uses of face serum vs lotion are,

face lotion

  • Face serum is light and mostly in the form of gel and helps in nourishing and moisturizing our skin, but it has low consistency compared to moisturizer
  • The lotion is little heavy compared to face serum and if you don’t have dry skin lotion is quite enough
  • Even though lotion and face serum help in moisturizing they cannot fulfill the needs of a moisturizer
  • Remember never to apply body lotion on face, apply only if it is mentioned as a face lotion
  • Face serum and lotion are applied after cleansing and before moisturizing
  • Some of the body lotions contain median use in them, whereas serum mostly don’t

Face serum vs Face lotion

Now we discuss face serum vs face lotion:

  • Both face serum and face lotion are light because they are used on delicate facial skin but face serum is more light compared to face lotion
  • They both are applied before moisturizing and helps in maintaining your skin fresh and healthy

face serum

  • It’s advisable not to mix your face cream and face lotion, as sometimes it is alright to mix them but sometimes due to some chemical reactions it may give some adverse effect to your skin
  • If you have dry skin, it is recommended to use a moisturizer after using face serum or face lotion


Face serum, Face lotion and lotion although they have similar properties they serve different purposes and all of these should be used for your skin to remain healthy and lively and select the ones which are effective and accepted by your skin