How often should a person with oily skin use a face lotion?

Every one of us has a similar urge to protect our skin and we provide it with layers of protection with the help of creams, lotions, sunscreen, toners, etc. and every commodity plays its role to the maximum

Now let’s consider face lotion, shall we?

So, why do we use face lotion? Face lotion also acts as a moisturizer, which is necessary to keep our face moist and it also helps in increasing absorption levels of skin

Now we face an important question.

Is it beneficial to use face lotion on oily skin?

face lotionRegardless of the skin type, it is highly essential to keep your face moisturized and face lotion helps in completing the task. A person with oily skin uses face lotion. Few times a week apply lotion on oily face as it genuinely helps.

  • Keeps your skin nourished
  • Skin absorption levels increases
  • Smooth and glowy skin

These are some beautiful and essential uses

So regardless you have dry, sensitive or oily skin it is highly essential for our skin


Many assume that to use face lotion on oily skin is to may make their skin oily but that’s not true because whatever the skin type moisturizing it is a must.

But we must apply the quantity according to our skin type, whereas dry skin requires more, oily and sensitive skin in a moderate way

Considering oily skin 2 times daily is quite good


Never use your body lotion as a face lotion because body lotions have thick moisturizers and skin on the face gets irritated due to its sensitivity

So definitely select the face lotion which your skin accepts and few times a week apply lotion on oily face.


How many times people with oily skin must use face lotion? There is no such thing as an exact number of times, but 2 times in the morning and before to bed is most preferable. But then again some face lotions have high moisturizing levels and some low, select the one which your skin needs